In 2016, nineteen clubs sent their surf teams to four or more of the nine sanctioned events of the Coalition of Surf Clubs. Our Huntington Beach Surf Team went to all nine events. We even went to one unsanctioned event, The Rincon Invitational. This year we are expecting to send the team to at least seven events.

Join the team and help represent our home town. You will meet surfers from neighboring towns.

Each year the team can travel to Malibu twice, Rincon, Oceanside, Trestles, La Jolla, Cardiff Reef, Tourmaline, Morro Bay, Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.

There are local events that are family fun such as the Surf n Bowl. Monthly club gatherings are where the HB Surf Team come to meet up. Come and get the next surf trip organized or listen to some talk story time. A free surf flick is featured at each gathering. http://www.hblongboardcrew.org