In 2016, nineteen clubs sent their surf teams to four or more of the nine sanctioned events of the Coalition of Surf Clubs. Our Huntington Beach Surf Team went to all nine events. Our surf team went to one unsanctioned event, The Rincon Invitational.

In 2017 we were expected to send the team to at least seven events. The year ended with the HB Surf Team attending seven of the coalition sanctioned events. Our team has openings in several categories and age divisions for 2018. Ten sanctioned CSC events are scheduled at The Rock at Morro Bay, Church at San Onofre, Pleasure Point, Steamer Lane, Malibu twice, Oceanside Pier, Cardiff Reef, Tourmaline Surf Park and La Jolla Shores. Please sign up now to get on the HB Surf Team roster for SUV, Tandem, shortboard, longboard and classic surfing on all types of wave riding craft. Ages range from under 14 to over 80 year olds.

Join the HB Surf Team and help represent our home town, Huntington Beach. You will meet surfers from the other coastal towns and surf in their home breaks with them.

Each year the team has opportunities to travel to Malibu twice, Rincon, Oceanside, Trestles, La Jolla, Cardiff Reef, Tourmaline, Morro Bay, Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz to compete as a team and individual surfers in fun formatted events.

The Longboard Crew hosts the HB Surf Team but they also host local events that are family fun such as the Surf n Bowl. Monthly HBLC Surf Club gatherings are where the HB Surf Team come to meet up. Come and get the next surf trip organized or listen to some talk story from some of the crew. A free surf flick and talk story are featured at each gathering. Go to http://www.hblongboardcrew.org for more details.