Church Recap

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Thank you to the 23 HB Surf Team members, our support crew, the host club Doheny and the other participating surf clubs who made the weekend at Church epic. The weather and surf was fantastic. Mike Watson killed it in his final for first place overall in his first coalition event. Tim Reda pulled third place in his first time on our team. Wally Walczyk, Dwayne Lovrien, Cheddi Sean Rathan, Timothy McCollum, Terry Carmadella, Jovan Allan, Jeremy Guilmette, Morghan Boozer, Clay McCutcheon, Jeff DeLoach, Todd Messick and Drew Milton advanced contributing to our team points where we placed fifth put of 19 teams. Thank you for team points Maddie, Lily Bigler, Stephanie Dufour, Liam Fahrion, Quinten Hegberg, Thorsten Hegberg, Shaun Gonzales and Noel Terrado. Thanks also for the team support from Irena, Kara Smith, Jim Miller, Kathleen McCollum, Ron Lane and Jason Fahrion.
Final team results for the Gathering of the Tribes:
Rank Club
1 Oceanside
2 Windansea
3 Doheny
4 Long Beach
5 Huntington Beach
6 Pacific Beach
7 Cardiff
8 Coronado
9 Malibu
10 Swamis
11 La Jolla Shores
12 Baja Surf Club BSC 330
13 Malibu Boardriders
14 Ventura
15 Pedro Point
16 Santa Barbara
17 Sunset Cliffs
18 Big Stick
19 San Diego


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