Logjam 2017

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Old boards with no cords is the mantra. We missed this event and are bummed. Heard it was a fun gig this year. An interesting variation popped up when perusing the results. There appears to be more than one team for several clubs. How this translates to the overall scores will prove to be a new challenge for this year’s tally. The results for the 2017 Logjam held at Pleasure Point on April 30th were:

1 Windansea Surf Club WSC 12673
2 Big Stick Surfing Association BSSA 11174
3 Hope Ranch Surf Club HRSC 10278
4 Pedro Point Surf Club PPSC 10264
5 Windansea Surf Club 2 WSC2 5834
6 Big Stick Surfing Association 2 BSSA2 4473
7 Pedro Point Surf Club 2 PPSC2 4349
8 Hope Ranch Surf Club 2 HRSC2 3940
9 Malibu Surfing Association MSA 3341
10 Santa Cruz Longboard Union SCLU 2629

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